Locksmiths – More Than Just Key Cutters

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For a very long time, locksmiths were viewed as people whose work was to cut keys and replace locks. The profession has since grown beyond this definition to include so much more. Locksmiths are now more than just key cutters. They provide different services, both basic and advanced, in residential and commercial areas and for cars as well.

Some of these services include:

Repairs, Duplications, Replacements

These are the more common services. If you lose your keys or they get stolen, you can get key replacement and rekeying services. If you lock yourself out of your home, office or car, then you can get emergency lockout services where the locksmith picks the lock to help you gain access. You can also get your keys duplicated.

All of these services are provided by professional locksmiths. However, there are even more specialized services that you can get from locksmiths. These include:

Transponder Programming

Technology has come a long way. A while back, all you needed was a car key to gain access into a vehicle and also start it up so you could drive away. Nowadays, cars have transponder systems that are designed to stop car thieves from firing up the engine and driving away with your car. The transponder chip on the key is programmed with a certain signal that is relayed to the transceiver which then starts the engine. Without the right signal, your car will not be able to move.

This therefore means that locksmiths now provide transponder programming services once they are done replacing or duplicating your car keys. This is not a hard task although one needs training to be able to do it.

Keyless and Electronic Access System

The keyless and electronic access system is one that works for commercial areas. You no longer use lock and key but use access cards or even biometric identification to gain access. In an office that is used by many employees, you want a unique way for each employee to get into the building or office. These systems are often hooked up to HR systems so that you are also able to monitor employee timeliness and absence.

Locksmiths install these systems at commercial premises upon request from the employers. In addition to simple entry and exit, these systems also help to maintain schedules. Remember how often the person who has all the office keys tends to get late or lose the keys leaving everyone stranded? Well, with keyless and electronic access, this is no longer a problem. Given, this system is expensive. However, it is worth every penny when installed correctly.

Master Keys

Locksmiths provide employers with master keys. While other employees’ access is restricted, high ranking employees and employers would be able to access various areas with the use of these master keys. For example, HR personnel would be able to get in through the main door and access the working stations but only the HR manager has access to the file room with highly confidential employee and client information.

CCTV and Alarms

Security is important to businesses. You cannot handle information haphazardly. You need to protect your clients and employees as well. This means that you have to install hi-tech systems which protect against burglaries and break-ins. This is where CCTV surveillance and alarm systems come into play.

Locksmiths now install surveillance cameras to help monitor the flow of traffic. In case anything goes missing, then this surveillance can be used to track down the perpetrators. Additionally, alarm systems are also integral to the security system. You need something that warns people of danger or that illegal activity is taking place. For example, if burglars manage to break into your premises at night, an alarm system will scare them away. These systems are often connected to response units that also inform the authorities about the break in. with prompt response, you can protect the company’s valuables.


With these specialized and high quality locksmith services, it is easy to see how far the profession has come. This means that you can no longer think of a locksmith as just someone who cuts keys. Their services come in handy in residential, commercial and auto settings. This is why you need to have a shortlist of the great locksmiths in your area like the st george locksmith that is highly recommended. You never know when you will need any of the basic or even advanced services. This especially counts when you find yourself in an emergency. You would rather be prepared than end up with a locksmith who is not skilled in all areas.

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